Twelve New Apostles
Purpose Saving mankind
Members New Bartholomew
New Thomas
New Luke
New Peter
New Matthias
Eight others

The Twelve New Apostles were appointed by the church when the Nazi party came to power in Germany. Following the shooting death of Wilhelm Craig, a thiteenth was appointed by Korbin Sturm.


For the original apostles, see Apostles (Christian) in Wikipedia.

New BartholomewEdit

For the original Bartholomew, see Bartholomew the Apostle in Wikipedia.

New Bartholomew was an SS officer. He traveled to India during World War II, where he met New Thomas.

New ThomasEdit

For the original Thomas, see Thomas the Apostle in Wikipedia.

New Thomas was a young girl in India who was said to be able to speak to the dead. Hank Galliston found her in the modern era. She had a clock in her possession which she gave to White Vincent.

New LukeEdit

For the original Luke, who was not an apostle, see Luke the Evangelist in Wikipedia.

New Luke...

New PeterEdit

For the original Peter, see Saint Peter in Wikipedia.

New Peter...

Albert EinsteinEdit

Albert Einstein's apostolic name was unknown.

Wilhelm CraigEdit

Wilhelm Craig's apostolic name was unknown.

New MatthiasEdit

For the original Matthias, see Saint Matthias in Wikipedia.

New Matthias was the son of a man who owned a boat ported in Wismar, Germany. He replaced a New Apostle who died of wound inflicted at a roadblock. He eventually inherited the boat. He gave the clock Korbin Sturm gave to him to Hank Galliston.