Santa Marta Clinic
Santa Marta Clinic
Type Clinic
Seen "Suspension"
Location Paraguay
Owner The 41 Trust
People Doctor Pitt
Anna Massey

The Santa Marta Clinic was a front for experiments based on Project Zero Hour.

In 2008, Anna Massey arranged access to the clinic and managed to find evidence of the project in the area labeled as the morgue. She took several file folders. When Doctor Pitt found objects missing, he called Melanie Lynch who told him to clean up.

In the present day, Hank Galliston and Beck Riley went to the clinic, which was now abandoned and considered haunted by people living in the area, thinking that Anna had returned there. Instead they found White Vincent, who showed Hank a movie of a man who appeared to be Hank's twin but who identified only as Subject 352. Vincent also showed Hank the number 353 tattooed on his own arm.