Father Mickle
Father Mickle
Actor Charles S. Dutton
Seen "Strike"
Relationships Hank Galliston, childhood friend
Father Reggie, colleague

Father Mickle has known Hank Galliston since grade school.

Key EventsEdit


Mickle translated the language on the treasure map and told Hank Galliston and the others about New Bartholomew, although no one understood what that meant at the time. He later accepted the diamond on which the map was etched. He was assaulted by White Vincent when Vincent stole the diamond.


Mickle checked himself out of the hospital and helped with the analysis of the text of the Revelation of St. John and with background information about the martyrdom of the Apostle Thomas in India.


Mickle asked his poker group if any of them knew about Rosicrucians who had escaped the Nazis and were still active. Father Reggie later told him about the Shepherds.


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