Erik Hass
Erik Hass
Actor Mark Margolis
Seen "Weight"
Relationships Korbin Sturm, father
Marlena Sturm, mother

Erik (possibly Erich) Hass was an antique shop owner in St. Charles, Louisiana. He had sold some NAZI memorabilia connected to Korbin Sturm to Wayne Blanks. When Hank Galliston tracked Erik down, Erik thought he was looking at his father. Erik calmed and told Hank that the objects he sold were his birthright because he (Eric) was Sturm's son. Erik and Hank argued but, after Erik read the last letter that Sturm had written, Erik revealed that he was in possession of all the missing clocks. He gave the clocks to Hank.

While in Erik's home, Hank took a cap belonging to Eric. Analysis of DNA material on the cap revealed an impossibility: Hank was Eric's father.