Season 1
Episode 9
Date aired July 13, 2013
Written by Paul Scheuring
Directed by Billy Gierhart
Guest stars Ken Leung as Father Reggie
Amir Arison as Theodore Riley
Zach Grenier as Wayne Blanks
Sam Underwood as Martin Krupp
Dan Ziskie as Roland Galliston
Beth Dixon as Rose Galliston
Nick Blaemire as Tim
Jonathan Walker as Stan Jarvis
Amy Irving as Melanie Lynch
Recurring Henry Kelemen as Messenger Boy
Previous "Winding"
Next "Escapement"
"Eight is forever a line without end. The worst sort of murder is that of a friend."
White Vincent
"Balance" is the ninth episode of Season One of Zero Hour and the ninth episode overall. It first aired July 13, 2013 on ABC.


Hank, Beck and Laila accelerate their search for the True Cross to the Faroe Islands. With renewed hope that her husband, Theo ("Molars"), is alive, Beck sets out to find him. Meanwhile back home, the Gallistons sense that Hank is in trouble and know the time has come to tell him the truth about his early years. In his pursuit of Hank, Mr. Galliston stops by Modern Skeptic Magazine, and his confrontation with Melanie Lynch of the 41 Trust leaves everyone wondering about their connection. Finally, back in the Faroe Islands, White Vincent and his team race to find the Cross before Hank's team does, and with a Passion Flower guiding their next movement, shocking discoveries hidden deep beneath the ground change past and future history forever.

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Stars Anthony Edwards as Hank GallistonCarmen Ejogo as Rebecca RileyScott Michael Foster as Arron MartinAddison Timlin as Rachel LewisJacinda Barrett as Anna MasseyMichael Nyqvist as White Vincent
Recurring Amir Arison as Theodore RileyDylan Baker as Terrance FiskNick Blaemire as TimBeth Dixon as Rose GallistonCharles S. Dutton as Father MickleZach Grenier as Wayne BlanksGrace Gummer as Paige WillisAmy Irving as Melanie LynchJamie Jackson as Father MarkHenry Kelemen as Messenger BoyKen Leung as Father ReggieAlex Manette as JacobAntoinette Robertson as AlimaMorgan Spector as GolemSam Underwood as Martin KruppJonathan Walker as Stan JarvisChandler Williams as ShepherdDan Ziskie as Roland Galliston