Arron Martin
Arron Martin
Actor Scott Michael Foster
Relationships Hank Galliston, employer
Rachel Lewis, friend

Arron Martin was originally a writer and later a copy editor with Modern Skeptic magazine. He knows a little German because he was in love with a German girl once. He and co-worker Rachel Lewis try to help Hank Galliston find his wife and save humanity.



Arron was the first to notice the map etched into the diamond in the clock Laila bought. He identified Norbert Peter Steinke IV and convinced Rachel Lewis that they should fly to Germany (Bavaria) to speak with him.


Arron came up with the idea that the dots on the watch and its setting are a moment in time that a star constellation was visible. So he translates some parts of the journal. Afterwards he and Rachel visit a Nazi Collector to learn more about the project "Zero Hour".


Arron knows what the Mercer Oak is and where they can find it. It seems like he is very interested in Albert Einstein and the traces he left.






Arron tells the others that there are tunnels beneath the streets of Strasbourg; Paige Willis verifies his statement. He and Rachel refer to each other as protectors. He tries to express his affection for Rachel and stumbles, referring to her as a sister. Hank Galliston later tells Rachel to look after Arron.







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